Written by: Eunice Iseoluwa Oyekunle


One day at school, I was listening to music and was dancing to it. I was really happy and I knew that it was the joy of the Lord because nothing extraordinary happened that day. My hostel mates that saw me while dancing asked me why I was dancing, but I sincerely had no reason. I was just joyful, worshipping my God.


Most times, many believers succumb to discouragement or unbelief from the Devil because they’ve failed to look inwards.


We all know that life is not a bed of roses. Life is full of ups and downs and it won’t fail to hand over its share of trouble to us.


Regardless of whatever we are going through now, let’s cultivate the habit of gratitude. When we praise God, it drives God to move quickly in our lives. One of the reasons why people fail to praise God is due to comparison.


Comparison denies us of the inheritance and good treasures we have in Christ. Our journey and path is different from other people’s. Many times, we don’t even care to know where those people that seem to do better than us started from.


Let’s look unto Jesus and His plans for our lives, not at other people. God is the only One that knows how to write our life’s scripts. He is the only One who knows our journey in life.


The Bible says “in all things, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever’. Don’t let us wait till we win a lottery, have a good grade before we worship God. Even in our weariness, there is always a reason to worship God.


The fact that you are alive is one reason why you should praise God. When you look inwards, you would realise that there are millions of reasons why you should praise God. There are so many things that you have on a platter of gold that some people struggle to have, is it that you are better off them? No, it is God! Why not show your gratitude to him by giving him the praises that He deserves?.


Remember that when Jesus healed the 10 lepers, he said, “were there not ten lepers that I healed, only one person came to thank me”. We could see that God always wants us as His children to worship Him. In fact, that is the main reason of our existence. To worship and adore Him.


Wherever you are now, why not get a journal and start writing all that He had done for you. Thank Him for all He will still do. Dance in His presence and call Him beautiful names. You will realize how much God has done for you.


I hope are inspired by this short piece. God bless you all.


  1. God bless you dear. I’m encouraged!

    In everything give thanks, regardless of the situation.
    God deserves our praises at all times.

    Help LORD to live everyday of my life to worship and adore You because that’s the main purpose of my existence!πŸ™πŸ™

  2. There is always a reason to praise God no matter the situation. God help me to be thankful at all times,cause when am thankful I’ll always have reasons to praise God. Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Hmmm….very inspirational write up… I learnt a lot especially in the aspect of comparison. God bless you sis, keep up the good work

  4. I read a part which got my attention

    It states ‘at times, we don’t even care to know where those people that seem to do better than us started from’.

    The truth is that we should not pray to be like someone because they also struggled or might have passed some process to attain where they are presently.
    We should just pray to God that we should be better than who we are.

    Hence the power of Thanksgiving πŸ”₯ we should always thank God for everything because it is when we do that we will receive more blessings from God

    Thanks for this piece dear
    God bless you

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