It’s my birthday!



I know it’s been a long time on this ‘channel’ and I apologize strongly. Academics have really taken their toll on me but I am grateful to God for life and health.


So, I have two pieces of news.


One, the slogan for this blog is changing…yaaaay!


Can you guess why?


Ok, maybe I should give you a clue. The slogan or the tagline is ‘…teenager doing writing the God-way’


Can you guess what is now changing and why?


Never mind, I will tell you! It is the ‘teenager’ word! Yaaaaay!

To the glory of God, I dropped the cloak of the teenage world yesterday. We are now in a new era! The Big 20!


…teenager doing writing the God-way
…teenager doing writing the God-way



While I will be expecting your congratulations in the comments below, and my gifts in my bank accounts, hahaaa, I am here to actually give you a gift!


And that is the second news!


Indeed, I dropped the cloak of the teenage world but what I have not told you is that I came out of it with a load of experiences and knowledge. Glory be to God because the experiences and knowledge have now given birth to my first book ever titled- FROM NINETEEN WITH LOVE


I would love you to read the foreword written by the ever-loving Mrs. Yaks (Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu) below before going below to download a copy of this interesting piece.




I am more honoured to have you write the foreword, dear Mrs. Yaks. And thanks a lot for this wonderful title.


Dear friends, it is safe, I guess to say that the time to download a copy of FROM NINETEEN WITH LOVE has come.


Simply click on the link below to get yours. God bless you a lot.


Kindly pray for me in the comments. And if this book blesses you, do ensure you write back to me. I will be glad.






  1. Awnnnn
    I’m really so happy for you 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃✨❤❤❤
    Congratulations dear
    Greater heights ijn

  2. This is really great!
    Congratulations darling 💃💃💃💃💃💃
    More of God’s grace dear sis

  3. Congratulations.
    Greater years in God to celebrate.
    I wish you all of heaven’s best eternally

  4. Congratulations to you dear wishing you heaven’s blessing, more wisdom and greater grace to inspire others to do well

  5. Happy birthday to you Eunice🎊
    And congratulations on the publication of your first book
    Welcome to the big 20🤗
    It’s the beginning of great and amazing achievements for you in Jesus name🙏

  6. May God go with you and you journey through this new phase of your life. Continue to be a shining star that you really are.

      1. More grace aunty unique…. Keep writing to fulfill God’s purpose Abba’s delight 😘

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