It’s no news that 2020 came with lots of ups and downs.


It was a year that everyone looked forward to, a year that people perceived to be full of fulfillment of long time visions.


Unfortunately, the pandemic i.e Covid 19 which brought the whole world to standstill started in March. Lives were lost, movement was restricted, many lost their jobs while some sunk into abject poverty and depression.


When it seemed as if the pandemic was ceasing, the End Sars movement. The peaceful protest degenerated into some ugly incidents which claimed the lives of many youths.


In all that happened, there are lots of lessons that I have learnt.


I also believe that through all that happened this year, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.


I would then like to share 9 lessons out of the numerous lessons that I’ve learnt so far, this year.


1. Be thankful: You may actually wonder why you should be thankful even in the midst of all that happened this year. The fact that you are alive and you are breathing is one reason why you should be grateful.


The Bible says that, in every situation give thanks to the Lord. This year might have come with pains and hurts but there are still some things that we should be grateful for.


A songwriter says:

Count your blessings name them one by one
Count your blessings see what God has done

Count your blessings name them one by one

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done’’


2. Trust in the Lord: The word of God says trust in the Lord with all your hearts. Never put your trust in man because when you do that, you are signing for heartbreaks and disappointment.


In all that we do, let our total trust and confidence be in God alone. Don’t be scared to stand alone: in this journey called life, everyone is on their own with their callings and purpose.


Twins might be identical but that doesn’t mean that their visions are alike. Never feel bad if in your circle you are the only person doing the right thing. They might even hate you for being different. Be strong and be courageous.


Remember Daniel, he was determined that he was never going to defile himself with the portions of the King’s meat. No wonder he was ten times better than his counterparts.


Before you can be greatly used by God, you should learn to stand alone and stand out regardless of what people say.


3. Associate with great minds: An adage says, ‘’Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’’.


The type of people that you walk with will definitely rub off on you. One thing I’m grateful for is the gift of people in my life. There might be a few people in my circle, but they are people that motivate and believe in me.


If you are a prayerful person but you surround yourself with prayerless people, in no time you will stop praying too.


Prayerfully seek for good friends. Surround yourself with those who will help you to grow not those who love to pick at your faults and use them against you.


4. Use your tongue wisely: The word of God says, “Let every man be swift to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry”


If whatever will come out of your mouth will hurt the other person, don’t talk at all. It’s better to be tongue-tied than to be loose-tongued.


Let whatever comes out of our mouth edify people and bring people up. Be wise, be watchful because the Devil is a roaring Lion looking for whom to devour.


5. Have a strong heart: In life, no one is perfect. People will come and they will hurt you and leave you battered. As a Christian, you will face persecutions and trials. But our consolation is to be strong and to be of good courage. Never allow what people say about you to affect you.


Always know that some people are waiting for you to make a mistake so that they will use it against you. Be prayerful, be watchful and be strong hearted.


6. Invest in yourself: To be better than who you are today, you must invest in yourself.


You can invest in your spiritual life through praying, studying and meditating on God’s word and fellowship with other believers.


Academically, through studying, watching educating movies and videos and many more.


Also, you can invest financially too through saving. Never use your whole hands to eat.


7. Be at peace with all men: The word of God says that, ‘’as much as it lieth in you, be at peace with all men’’


Keeping grudges and strong faces won’t help you in any way. Learn to follow peace with all men whether your enemies or friends because without doing that, no one shall see the Lord.


8. Learn to confess positively: One of the mistakes that one can ever make is to be around negative people. Learn to declare positive words to yourself, family or country at large. 


Remember, you are what you declare. Positive words have the capacity to build one. Negative words will put one down.


9. Be intentional: One of the lessons that I’ve learnt this year is to be intentional. If you want to please God, you have to be intentional about it.


Happiness isn’t built in man, it’s your choice to be happy or sad. Be intentional about doing good to people.


Be intentional about your personal development. Be intentional when it comes to the type of friends you want to have.


I’ve learnt the hard way that to be better than who you were last year, you have to be intentional about it.


I hope that you have learnt one or two things. You can also share some of the things that you have learnt this year in the comment box.


Thanks for reading to the end.


Compliments of the season and have a happy new year in advance. Stay blessed!


  1. Wow…..many things to learn but i grabbed “its better to be tongue tied than to be tongue loosed”. More grace sis.

  2. Wow
    Thanks for the enlightenment dear
    ‘In all situations, be grateful’

    Although 2020 came with alot of things
    But thanks to God we are standing and alive

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