Have you ever experienced a situation in which you had just finished crying out your eyes in your secret place, then you come out after you had wiped your tears, laughing and giggling amidst the crowd? Your mouth curves with smile as if things are going perfectly well. Have you?



If you haven’t, then I guess something is wrong somewhere. There are many of our friends, colleagues and associates out there whose smiles could deceive us to believing that all is well, whereas they are passing through hell. They come out hiding under the façade of a smile.



As believers, trials and troubles are inevitable, they are those things that will make us to grow into perfection. We know about that, right? Though, we might see our fellow Christians out there smiling and laughing as if all is well, let’s still try to check up on them, let us not assume that all is going perfectly well for them. Perhaps you have a friend that was always texting or calling you but that person suddenly stops, don’t assume that it was intentional, try to check up on that person, something could be wrong. Just a message or call wouldn’t hurt.



I know of a woman in my church. The woman was always bubbling with smiles, one would think that life has been rosy for her. It was after her death that people knew that she had been battling with breast cancer for the past years. Until she died, I doubt it if anyone ever paid her a visit or called her.



Let brotherly love be shared among us all, let’s reach out to the supposed happy ones. Some people are so fond of statements like, ‘I don’t care’’, ‘’My troubles are enough for me to carry, can’t carry another person’s load with mine’’ and many more. Those statements shouldn’t be heard of among us. Let’s try to be selfless because when we help other people, we are indirectly helping ourselves too.



During this lock-down, people are facing lots of trials, poverty has reached its peak, the death rates keep accelerating every moment, people are claiming that 2020 has been the worst year ever. Now let’s ask ourselves this question, ‘’During this pandemic, how many people have I checked up on probably through text messages, calls or visitation” or are we just in the comfort of our houses, insensitive to the needs of others?




Let’s reach out to our loved ones, they don’t have to tell us before we know the right thing to do. Let’s show all the care and love now, it should not be after they die that we start crying and regretting that we did not show them love or enough love while they were still alive.



Behind that smile, lives are crumbling! That sad emoji on your friend’s status maybe that he/she wants our care or love, let us not shy away from it. May God help us all to reach out to people around us and also to extend the love that God has towards us to them in Jesus Name.



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  1. Thank you sis for this timely reminder. Let brotherly love continue.
    I’m blessed reading this.
    More inspiration!

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