Just this year alone, I know about six people that have died. Sometimes, I try to pinch myself to a reality that these people are actually gone for real! To where exactly? How does it feel to die in the real sense?


Well, I might not have the best answers to those questions but I believe that life continues after death. Life doesn’t end at death, but rather it starts at death. No wonder the Bible admonishes Christians that we shouldn’t weep because of those that are dead because they are in a better place which is Heaven.


Jesus Christ also says that in his father’s house, there are many mansions and he has gone to prepare a place for you and I- John 14: 1. Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life, whosoever believes in Him shall not see the second death. What is the second death? The second death is Hell.


With the above verses, I hope we all are convinced that even after death, life continues. There is life even beyond grave. At death, it’s only our body that stays forever in the grave, our spirit is the one that can never die, it either goes to hell or heaven depending on the type of lives that we lived on earth.


After Grave, life becomes eternal. Some people would go to hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. It’s a place of suffering and tribulations, one can’t die even if one wants to die. On the other hand, heaven is a place prepared for God’s beloved. It is for those who accepted the good news of salvation and lived faithfully for God. Christians, the grave isn’t our final destination but heaven. Our comfort and consolation are that we will meet our loved ones who are enjoying at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.


Jesus Christ died and he was buried but after his burial a lot of things happened. Though he died, he still resurrected and lived. Jesus Christ died so that we might live. Our lives here on earth are just for a while. Whether we live for ten, twenty or two hundred years, the bitter truth is that one day, we will all leave this world and stand before the white throne judgment where God, the most reliable Judge would judge every man according to the work of his hands. Let’s strive to run this race wholeheartedly because we are not of this world.



N.B: Death and grave are not the final destination of man, they are the pathways to starting a new life.



May God help everyone of us to make it to heaven in Jesus name.



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