Hello fam! It’s been a while here, right?
I know you might have been wondering why and where I suddenly disappeared to.
To be honest, I really missed writing on this space too. I had to drop my pen for a while so as to prepare for my exams and here I am today, I am done. Isn’t that a good news?
Also, I want to share another good news with you. The Good News is the Word of God right?
So, I will like to briefly share one of my favorite verses of the Bible with you. It says, ‘’your latter end shall surpass the former’’.
No matter what the past eight months have been, these last four months can be a great one for you and I if only we can believe.
Wipe your tears away, worship the Lord and be grateful because what eyes have not seen nor ears heard, the lord will do it for as many people that love Him.
As this year is coming to an end, let us live our lives with the consciousness of eternity. Life is short, let’s live a life that will pull others to Christ. Christians, we are the letters that the world is constantly reading. Let us be an beam of light and hope to this world.
May God help us to live for Jesus day after day in Jesus Name. Amen.
Thanks for stopping by here. God bless you greatly.
P:S: I so much appreciate many of you that checked up on me when I was away and also to those that had me in mind, I love you all.
It’s not too late to say ‘Happy new month!’, right?

5 Replies to “THE GOOD NEWS”

  1. Quite encouraging. Thank you for sharing. God bless. May your exams result be nothing short of excellence in Jesus name. May God favour you. Amen

  2. Yippee💃💃💃
    Welcome back Mahal❤. That exam is a success already, let me say CONGRATULATIONS on your good results, because they are nothing short of heaven’s BEST.
    Yeahh… “And your latter will be great than your past” I love it too🙇‍♀️A verse of HOPE.Thanks for sharing this, a great reminder. God bless you richly sis. Thanks for sharing.
    At all, not too late. Happy New month to you too darling💖

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