There were many times that I would wake up early in the morning with a heavy heart.


There were times when I would feel so sad or down that I would question so many things. It took me some time before I knew that depression and sadness are bad gifts that were given to man by the Devil.


At one point or the other, there are moments when one is not just happy with life, the energy or vibe is no more there. Life becomes so burdensome that one dreads seeing the next day. Well, you can absolutely change things for the better, you can’t just stand there with your arms akimbo doing nothing. I will list out five things that you can do whenever you are down. I practice those things and they work a lot.


1. Put your total trust in God: This reminds me of a verse in the word of God that says, ‘’Trust in the Lord with all your heart and never lean unto your own understanding.” This is to tell us that we shouldn’t depend on man or the vain things of this world for anything. I have had many instances where I shifted my focus from God to men which really caused me a lot of depression. Man can fail one at any time. The only person that can never fail us is God. When our total trust is on God, He knows how to use men to help us.



N.B: There is a kind of fulfillment that comes when one’s total trust is on God. That fulfillment is what no man can give.


2. Live a godly life: whenever one is down, there is a need to check oneself and ask certain questions like, ‘’Where have I disobeyed God’s word?’’ “What have I done that is wrong?’’ Perhaps one might have committed one sin or the other that one may not know. This is why as a Christian, we all should check ourselves often to know where we might have sinned against God. Sin is one thing that can make one feel down or sad. Sin is evil, it is Satan’s inflicting nature and whosoever has this nature of sin cannot enjoy the joy and peace that has been provided for as many that would live a godly life.




3. Encourage yourself in the Lord: As Christians, its very possible to live a godly life and also feel down. Jesus Christ our saviour was also down. When He was at Gethsemane, he wept and told God that the cup- the cup of death should pass over Him. Also, when the news of Lazarus death was brought to Him, he felt so sad that He wept. How much more we that are mere human beings.



So, whenever we are feeling sad, let’s encourage ourselves in the Lord. David always encouraged himself in the Lord by playing instruments and singing. We can also encourage ourselves by singing, studying the bible, worshiping with fellow members and so on.




4. Have a grateful heart: Many people are sad because they feel so insecure that other people are better off than them. They compare themselves with other people and also focus on those things that they do not have, no wonder many people are so down and depressed leading to an alarming rate of suicidal killings. One thing I am sure of is that no matter how less you think that you have, there are still lots of things that you can be grateful for. There is still something that you have, that many people do not have. As Christians, let’s be grateful in every situations that we might find ourselves. Let’s check ourselves inwardly and outwardly, we will see lots of things that we can be grateful for.




5. Never stay Idle: Some people feel so down because they never have anything to do. They are just busy bodies, whiling away their time doing unprofitable things like gossiping, chatting, sleeping and so on. There is a proverb that says, ‘’An idle hand is the Devil’s workshop.” Part of Devil’s workshop is depression. As Christians, lets engage in things that we enjoy doing. For example, as for me, reading and writing gives me joy and makes me feel fulfilled. Find your purpose. Find your area of interest. Be yourself and you would find no reasons to be down.




I hope we have learnt one or two things from this short piece. There are many things that we can do whenever we are down. if you have any point that you want to share, you can use the comment section. Thank you.










  1. Good practical ways darling❤
    Truly times like this can’t be avoided but with this steps darling one is good with God.
    Your arrangement is Superb💯👌and I love the part that says one should not trust man but God. Certainly only God can be trusted. There are times we are down and the man we are expecting to give us attention is also battling things.
    From God to God🙇‍♀️❤🙌
    God bless you Mahal❤
    I pray God helps us to make use of this practical steps and also to always remember. Amen

    More of God’s wisdom and strength sis💖💝

  2. Thank you so much for this piece
    It came at the right time.
    More wisdom and understanding from God💓

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