My best subject in the secondary school was Literature and liked it a lot because of the poems. I love poems a lot especially the ones with a rhyming scheme. There was this poem that I specially love and it is: ‘’The Pulley’’. The pulley explains God’s love to man. He poured out all kinds of blessings upon him, but he withdrew something from him and that is rest. At the latter end of the poem, it explains that if goodness, honor and riches doesn’t bring man to God, then distress, weariness or disappointment will toss man to him.


Every human being has a void that only God can fill. It was specially put there by God so that you and I will not forget Him. No matter the emptiness or void you are feeling, love, friendship, intellect or honour cannot fill it. Even if you have the mentioned things, there will still be that thing that you want, that longing or desire for something that it is only God that can give.


There are some people that whenever they are feeling this void in their heart, they think that watching movies, going for a party or engaging in some sexual sins can fill the void. It might fill your emptiness at that time but it is just for a short while. The only person that can fill man’s emptiness is God because He was the one that put it there in the first place.


You might ask, ‘’How can God fill my emptiness?’’ the ball is actually in your court. You can’t expect God to perform a magic in your life. You have to release your heart to Him. Talk to Him like you will talk to your friends, be free with Him because He is a free person too. Unburden your heart to Him and he will definitely fill your emptiness with His presence, love, joy and hope no matter how bad your life might be.


What is that space in your heart? It is only God that can fill the emptiness, not man. Man can fill it but temporarily. Whatever man gives is for a short while, but whatever God gives is eternal and forever. The Bible says that, ‘’Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.’’


Are you carrying the load of sin, oppression, confusion about? God is calling you today, he wants to exchange your ashes for beauty. He is ready to replace your struggles with rest. Don’t let Devil keep on deceiving you and chaining you with lies, go to with humility of heart and He will transform you.


I hope that we have learnt one or two things from this short piece. Thanks for reading to the end.


I await your views in the comment box.


Thank you.

8 Replies to “THE EMPTY SPACE”

  1. Nice write-up dearie..
    May God help us not to depend on wordly things for satisfaction but on him who transforms life..

  2. Only God can fill the vacuum in every life.May we always remember this and depend solely upon him.
    Thank you so much

  3. That void that only God can feel🙇‍♀️
    That void that brings us tears, that looks like all efforts to fill it is not work. Yes! It is not working because it is only when God fills it that can be eternal and forever.

    My love God bless you🙇‍♀️
    I pray all of us that read this will always do and not just read in Jesus Name.
    My love applying it won’t be difficult for you too in Jesus Name.
    Thanks for always yielding to God🙇‍♀️🙌

  4. Wow
    This is wonderful
    Nice write up Sis ✌

    It is only God that can fill the emptiness in our life and not man 👌

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