Whenever school resumes a new session or semester, I was always looking forward to the time table. I am very sure that the time table isn’t a strange thing to any of us. But I would still define what a timetable means in my own words. Time table could be seen as a list of time in which an event will occur.


Having a time table makes me know the number of times that I would have a subject in a week. It then makes me know which books that I should take to school and the ones that I shouldn’t take to school in a week. It will also make me aware of the subject that I should be taught in a particular period.


In some houses, there is also something called a food time table. They would write the different meals that they eat and put it in their days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


In other words, timetable helps us to know about what next would happen after one thing.


Just like we have class time table; food time table;  and many more, God also has His own timetable for each and everyone of us.


God in His word makes us to understand that: 

‘’For I know the thoughts that I have towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end.”



No matter the situation or circumstances that you are in right now, no matter how awful people comment about you, no matter how much you have prayed and cried, always remember that God has great plans for you. He has planned your life beautifully well. He knows your past, present and future. He is a God of order, he knows how your life will be. He wants you to take one step at a time. Relax and let the one who knows you more than anybody in this world to drive your life to your destination.


Just like in class timetable, one already knows the subject that one is going to take periods after periods, God also knows the steps that you will take in your journey through life.


When things are going smooth for you, it’s a phase that God wants you to pass and if things are rough or difficult, remember that He has very much planned the time table of your life. He would see you through the storms of life. All He wants you to do is to trust and depend upon him.



The word of God says that:

‘’He will make all things beautiful in His own time- according to His own time table. I was heard from someone that, ‘’ God’s wristwatch is bigger than ours.’’ Our own time might be slow to us but God’s time might be way farther than ours.


Perhaps, we are looking for the fruit of the womb, we are old and we want to get married, we want admission, we want to buy a house or a car, we want this or that. Let us always wait on the Lord.


It might be that our mates are doing quite better than us. It might seem that things are going well for them. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with our mates. We could be mates, but our journey is quite different, God’s timetable for every individual is different. We shouldn’t allow fear, worry, anxiety or depression to set in. He will make our lives beautiful in His own time only if we can trust in God with all our heart.


God is a God of mystery. The way He would come through for us will shock the whole world if only we can have faith in Him to do all that He has promised us.



May God continue to help us to look at His own timetable and not ours in Jesus name.


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Thanks for reading to the end.







  1. God of order🙌
    His ways are not our ways. He makes all things beautiful in His own time according to His own timetable.🙇‍♀️
    Help us to wait on you Lord, to move the way you have planned our lives. Amen

    Well done sis💪more of God’s wisdom and insights🙇‍♀️

  2. We just have to follow Gods own timetable. His ways are not ours……Mans wrist is too small for God’s wristwatch. Nice one sis. More of God’s wisdom👍

  3. Hmm!! Fact👌
    It’s never too late 😊…
    Thanks for this dear…
    Greater height I pray

  4. Really true o
    Thanks for this dear
    Yes o
    God has his timetable for us and we are to follow his own not ours


    Thanks for impacting in me
    More exploits

  5. Hmmm. Very apt. Really inspiring.👏

    The summary of it all is “Wait for God’s time; it’s just the best. Our ways are not His ways, neither our thoughts His”. May GOD help us to follow God’s timetable regardless of the seeming difficult situation🙏🙇

    More inspiration, fresh ideas and new insights dearie💪😍♥️

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