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I stared into my note intermittently, finding words to scribble. I fumbled with my pen, racked my brain severally, looking for things to write. I did not just want to write for writing sake. I wanted to write stories that will bless lives.


Stories that will remain stuck to people’s brains for a long time.


Stories that will remain on peoples lips.


An interesting and fantastic story. That is all I want.


But, here I am with no inspiration. I have read many stories that were written by some great writers and will always be like, ‘


’Vicky where did you put your brain? You can write like so and so does.’


But I’ve got no inspiration.


‘’I am fed up already. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote something tangible. See my notebook, how blank and empty it is.’’ I narrated to my friend, Clara who was also a good writer.


Clara heaved a loud sigh, waiting for me to continue what I was saying before she interrupted.


‘’ I have started my writing career already and I know that I can’t stop halfway. Its like I have written about the whole world already that there is nothing else to write about anymore’’ 


‘’ How do you write on your blog everyday? How do you update your followers? How do you do it that you write new things everyday? Oremi, tell me something.” I said to my friend who had no expression on her face. Her face was as blank as my notebook.


‘’ My dear Victoria, have you finished pouring out your mind’’ She said calmly.


‘’Yes o, I am done’’ I answered her almost immediately.


“Okay then, before I say anything I would like you to bring out your bible and read out what the bible says about what you just explained.”


‘’Okay dear, I have my phone with me. You can call out those verses’’. I said, cleaning my glasses as putting it back on. 


‘’ Good! Now, open to the book of 2 Tim 3 verse 16’’


I quickly opened my Bible app to read the scripture.


‘’ All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for rep…’’


‘’Stop there’’ Clara said loudly I stopped abruptly.


‘’According to the message Bible, I would like to read the latter part which says ,


‘’Through the word, we are put together and shaped up for the tasks that God has given unto us’’


‘’ Hmmmmm’’ I exclaimed


‘’ Can you see? You need inspiration from God who has all knowledge at the tip of His hand. Writing isn’t a child’s play. It’s something that you need to put all your might and effort into. You complained and ranted all along that you haven’t been writing and bla bla bla. Have you even told the Holy Spirit, the Source of inspiration? To bless lives, you can’t do it through your mere efforts. Just like I read, you need the word of God for the great task that God has placed into your hands, which is writing.’’


‘’ Hmmmm, no wonder I haven’t had any inspiration. So, its because I left the Holy Spirit out of my life? Oh! I am sorry Holy Spirit. I know my faults now” I felt like sobbing. 


“Also, I want you to open your bible to Jeremiah 30 verse 2”


‘’Okay’’ I scrolled down my phone, guilt etched over my face.


‘’ Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘’write all the words which I have spoken to you in a book’’ she sighed after she finished reading.


‘’ Very good. Write down all that God has spoken unto you maybe through his word, circumstances, prophets, visions or revelations. Write it down and that calls for sensitivity. You must be sensitive to the voice of God”




‘’Hmm, Sensitivity is key when writing Godly stories’’ I nodded severally.



‘’ Exactly dear’’. Clara was obviously happy that Vicky was really responding and she was already realizing her mistakes.


‘’As a writer writing for God, you must be very close to the Holy spirit so that He will pour out his mind to you’’


‘’Go to the Lord in prayer and tell Him how much you are hungry and thirsty to know more about his word . Tell him to reveal deep revelations to you and he definitely answer you. That’s what keeps me going in my writing ministry’’ Clara said


‘’Wow! Thank you so much Clara for the deep insights. I never knew that the Holy Spirit is essential in my writing ministry. I am sorry Lord.” Tears laced my eyes.


‘’My dear, this is the time to get back on your knees and pray to God’’ Clara encouraged


‘’Thanks so much darling. God has really used you for me. May God repay you back in multiple folds’’. I prayed.


‘’Amen dear, what are friends for?’’ She smiled and then continued


‘’ I would like to be on my way now. I left my children with our neighbours.”


‘’Oh! What would you like to eat? You can just go like that without anything.’’


‘’No dear, don’t bother. I was sent by God to minister unto you dear. I am okay’’ She said rising to her feet.


‘’No ore, you have to take something, even if its just chilled water’’


‘’I am not thirsty at all. That time will come when my husband, children and I will come to pay you a visit and we will eat as much as we want’’


‘’Okay then, but wait a moment’’ I said as I left hurriedly and came back with a transparent polythene bag which contained cracker biscuit, Yoghurts and chicken’’


‘’These are for my children, Favour and Juliet’’


‘’Awnnnnnn, thanks a much darling. You are such a cheerful giver. God bless you’’ She prayed


‘’Its God that you should thank dear. ‘’ I said as I walked her down to where she would take a taxi to her house.


I had been greatly touched by here message.


I needed the Holy Spirit more than ever before!


I hope we have all learnt one thing or the other from this short piece. God bless us all as we seek God’s face in all our endeavors.


Kindly state your views in the comment box. God bless you!








  1. Honestly, up until recently I didn’t realise this truth either and it not only made me feel like I was not good enough a writer, it also made me envy the ones who were doing well.

    Now however, I know and I appreciate you scribe for further opening my eyes to what God has been revealing to me.

    Thanks sis!

      1. I love how the message was driven home. May you continually get inspired by the Holy Spirit to write more. Shalom.

  2. Hmm!!!….
    Inspiroeunice indeed😊…
    You are wonderful dear ….
    I’ve really been blessed with this piece….more Grace and unction to function in Jesus name

  3. Wow really blessed and inspired by this short piece, scribe. God bless you indeed!

    Holy Spirit, the Source of Inspiration; very key

  4. My darling. You are doing well. Keep it up .I pray God will continue to uphold you. Higher grounds babe

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