In this one life that I have lived, one of the greatest lessons that I have learnt is that, ‘’No condition is permanent’’.  


The Philips really fits into that quote.


The Philips house takes the form and structure of old and contemporary buildings that I read in novels and watch in movies.


The house is so local and old fashioned, I do wonder how the family were able to raise three godly, beautiful and smart chidren- Iyanu, Gbemi and Bolu.


The siting room is nothing to write home about.


The bare floor had taken another form. The color wasn’t black anymore. It is now a faint grey colour.


Old calendars were nailed on the four corners of the walls.


There were four old and dirty chairs that were oppositely faced to one another.


The old television set was seated on a wide table that was placed in a corner. It was covered with a red cover. It looked like it had been abandoned for several years.


The center table wasn’t balanced. Heavy loads like jugs, bags and others couldn’t be placed on the table. If one places it on the table, one should be sure that it was going to fall in the next moment.


The pungent smell that spread round the whole room was nothing to write home about. It smelt like old houses that it really was. Perfumes and air freshners wouldn’t wipe out those smells.


The two bedrooms in the house could be said to be without life and hope. Just like the floor of the siting rooms, the floor weren’t black, they had turned partially to grey.


 The walls were also rough and stained. The ceilings also had turned to an abode for the eggs of Lizards and rats.


What about the kitchen? Oh my God!


I do wonder how the philip’s cook in that nasty kitchen.


I almost vomited when I remembered that I did eat from Gbemi’s food. The same food that was prepared in that smelly kitchen.


The pungent smell oozing out from that kitchen made me to hold my breathe.


The kitchen was so tiny and the walls were stained with charcoals and remnants of food.


‘’I can’t bring you into my house’’ Gbemi declared one day.


I was so shocked. I can’t count the number of times that Gbemi visited my own house.


Gbemi and I are known to be inseparable when we were in secondary school.


Some people called us twins because we had so much in common.


Throughout our six years at Queen’s college academy, we always went to places together.


We talked alike, walked in the same manner and were both regarded as book worms.


Gbemi loves to read, write and play games. While I also love to read , write and bake.


Another striking resemblance that we both had was that we are born in the same month and year. I was born on the 26th of May, 1993 while Gbemi was born on 5th of May, 1993 as well.


Also, several times, Gbemi had come to my house. Every members of my family loved her and they welcomed her warmly.


 My mum specially treated her to a special meal of pounded yam with egusi soup and Goat meat.


My younger ones, Tade and Ireti played with her and asked her different questions that I can classify as unreasonable.


My friends wasn’t uncomfortable with the way they asked her questions. I had already explained to her that my younger ones were questioners and so she wasn’t surprised.

Gbemi really felt at home in my house. She freely expressed herself and she wasn’t in anyway nervous. She undoubtedly enjoyed her first visit because she followed severally after her first visit.


It was my own turn to visit Gbemi’s house but she refused blatantly. I was shocked.


‘’How could Gbemi tell me, her best friend to not visit her house? Or is she hiding anything from me?’’


 Though, gbemi hardly say anything about her house, I felt that her own house would be as beautiful as mine.


 I had asked myself several times but I had no answers to my own questions.


But, this time around, I was ready to take the bull by its horn’’ I was determined to follow Gbemi to her house.


‘’Gbemi, my parents went for an official work while my siblings went for an excursion. Its so risky to stay at home alone, can I please stay at home with you till my parents and siblings come back at night?


 I was so happy that I got a good excuse.


I wasn’t really bothered about how Gbemi’s white eyeballs changed to red. It was so obvious that she resented my suggestion. When she saw that I was so determined to follow her home, she had no option than to agree.


The D- day was on a bright and sunny Saturday. The birds were in the air singing beautiful melodious song into my heart. The Insects were in their closets flapping their wings. The sun was smiling at me.


‘’It is indeed an excellent weather to visit a friend’’ I thought.


I was so excited to know how my friend’s house, Gbemi look like.


Gbemi and I planned that I should flash her when I get to the nearest bus stop. So, I did.


 In the next ten minutes, I saw Gbemi appeared in one of her fitted blue tops. She wore a black Jeans and a black rubber slippers to complement her dressings. Her face was so sweaty that a drop of it can fill an ocean. She walked sluggishly as she approached me. It looked like she had been busy and the hot weather was having ripple effects on her. Or maybe she was like that because I insisted that I would visit her. I thought quietly.


I began to feel bad for disturbing my best friend


‘’What’s up’’ She said silently as she reached where I was standing.


‘’’I’m good dear. You look so sick and tired. Are you sure that you are fine?’’


‘’ Yes, I am.’’ She replied calmly. Her eyes were puffy, it was obvious that she had been crying.


I pitied her as I wiped her tears with the back of my hands. I know Gbemi to be a very emotional person.


‘’But what’s so touching about my visit?’’. I wondered silently as I followed her to her house.


On our way to her house, everywhere was unusually quiet. Every attempts to make my friend happy and laugh was effortless. I regretted that I ever forced myself into following her home.


‘’So lola, that is my house.’’ Gbemi pointed to the house that was in front of us.


It was a medium- size bungalow. It was one of those old and local buildings whose bricks had already cracked. 


Gbemi’s reasons for not wanting me to come to her house was beginning to make sense to me. I really felt bad for my friend!


That incidence took place five years ago. After we finished our secondary school education, we lost contact and we couldn’t reach each other.


One day, we met at an inter-school conference in which Gbemi’s school was also invited. She was the first person that spotted me and we couldn’t hide our excitement. We were so excited to see each other again after a very long time.


We laughed, cried and gisted together. That was how we connected back.


‘’Lola, I have really missed you oo, see how chubby your cheeks are. ‘’ She said jokingly as she playfully touched my cheeks


‘’See who Is talking o’’ I said while we both laughed happily.


So, which University are you now and what’s your course’’?


‘’Ahmadu Bello University.’’ I am studying Mass communication. She said excitedly . What about you?


‘’ University of Ibadan. Political Science’’ I replied


‘’Hmmm, our politician please don’t chop our money when you get there o.’’She said jokingly and we laughed.


We gisted about many other things that we did not know when the short break was over.


‘’We really need to organize a reunion party. Would you be able to come to my house next weekend since ASUU strike starts tomorrow’’. Gbemi asked


I was surprised at her suggestion. I went down the memory lane as I remembered how she so much hated my coming to her house. Nevertheless, I was glad that my friend was now proud of bringing me to her house.


The day that I was to visit my friends’ house came too soon. I was still able to remember the location to her house. Five years ago was just like yesterday when I visited her house.


When I almost approached her house, I though that I had missed my way.


The bungalow was well painted with a blue and white colour. The fences were no longer stained and there were no cracks on the wall. The house was greatly transformed.


I knocked the door. Alas! It was Gbemisola! She smiled so heartily when she opened the door for me. I was so surprised!


The same Gbemi that was sad the last time I visited her, What a great transformation! I was so happy for my friend.


The inside was so appealing. The beautiful fragrance oozing out from the rooms were so pleasant. The old calendar that was fixed on the walls has been replaced with beautiful portraits.


The Sofas were modern. The floors were beautifully tiled, Th walls and ceilings were also painted with white.


I was so happy for my friend. I hugged her and I did not know when tears of joy filled my eyes.


From my story, I learnt that no condition is permanent. Also, don’t ever look down on anybody. The table can turn at anytime.


I hope we all were blessed by this short piece.


If you have any view or suggestions, you can leave them in the comment box.


God bless you all!


  1. That is the only consolation we have in trying times.
    Thanks for this story.

    God bless you.

  2. Hmm true, no condition is permanent hence, we should not look down on people. Thanks for the reminder Sis. God bless you.

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