I almost forgot that I own a blog and that I also write until my sister asked me why I hadn’t written any piece in a long while. I gave an unreasonable excuse, yes! And what was it? I have been working at my mum’s private school which is time-consuming. This almost made me forget that I own a blog.


Inspirations kept on coming but I was so tired and lazy to write them out. But today, I had to motivate myself to start writing again. I told myself that if I don’t motivate myself, no one will.


Self- motivation is really important to achieve great feats in our endeavors. You can’t just sit down, fold your arms, and expect motivation from people before you do what you are meant to do. Getting encouragement from people is a very good thing but relying on it before doing what you are meant to do is not really a good thing.

You should be the first person to drive you into doing what you are supposed to do. Never wait for the applauds of people. Never wait for compliments from people before you do the right thing. Be your number one motivation.


I hope that you are blessed by this short piece. You can leave your views in the comment box.
Thanks for reading to the end.


Stay blessed and motivated.

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