I was walking in a lane

One, that was far from my base

I wasn’t sure of my stand

Not sure of where to land.


I looked around me

I saw people with accomplished dreams

I felt that they were better off me

Only to discover that I have

A gold in me


I had completely forgotten

That, I was created by the same God

That created those I carried

Like they were gods


I crawled out of my shell

To unleash the giant in me

It was painful at first

But I did it


Making people to celebrate

The gold in me


You have a gold in you

Why do you want it buried?

Why should you allow fear, intimidation and frustration

To destroy your gold?

You are more than the mediocre

People think you are

Rise up and shine

The world awaits to celebrate

The gold in ‘’YOU’’



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10 Replies to “THE GOLD IN YOU”

  1. Hmmm.
    God help us discover the Gold in our lives before it’s too late, so we can stop comparing our lives with others

  2. God help us discover thatgold in us so that we do not get intimidated in life.
    Keep it up Sister.God bless the works of your hands.In Jesus Name Amen

  3. The WORLD awaits to celebrate the GOLD in YOU💥
    Yes darling, it might be painful at the begining, the process might be so painful… But then, the YOU that will emerge will shake the WORLD.

    God bless you richly sweet sis🥰
    Go girlie💪I am so blessed to have you🥰
    More of God’s wisdom🙇‍♀️

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