Life isn’t a bed of roses.


As human beings, we are definitely going to have a share of the dark moments. No wonder why the Bible says, ‘’In this world, we shall have tribulations, cheer up! He has overcome the world.”


This verse of the scripture is a confirmation that we cannot escape the rough parts of the world.


I read in a story this quote below:


‘’Thorns are a part of the rose tree. Along with the beautiful sight, you can’t touch the rose without getting pricked by the sharp edges of the thorns. Its all part of life.’’


The quote is nothing but the truth.


As believers, there are certain times when we are seemingly down and it is as if God has abandoned us. Satan, the arch enemy of Christians would bring all sort of suicidal and heart- breaking thoughts. Never give in to Devil’s lies about you. Look within yourself. See how far God has brought you in your Christian journey.


One thing I am certain of is that, no matter how helpless one’s situation may be, there is always something that one can be grateful of. If we look deeply within us, we will understand that God has been so faithful in diverse ways.


Lets be grateful for whatever situation we are passing through because I believe that, some people’s cases are worse than ours.


Never look at yourself with shame and disregard. Do not focus on the displeasing comments of people about you. There is more to life within you than any challenges or difficulties that you maybe facing.


Look within yourself through the Word of God. That is the only way to you being a conqueror.


Look at how God had helped you in the past.


Look at the wonderful promises He has for you and I.


Lastly, have a grateful heart.


I hope that we are blessed by this short piece. Your views are highly welcome.







  1. Look within..
    There is definitely something to be thankful for.
    We are sure going to have our low times but in the midst of all these that life throws at us we should find our joy in Christ.
    I pray God will help us humans to always celebrate our successes and not always pay attention to our failures.
    Failures are guides to get things done better.

    Mahal❤more of God’s wisdom🙇‍♀️
    I was blessed🥰🙇‍♀️

  2. Hmm… Looking within is a function of faith and not sight, As Believers, that should be our watch Ward (walking by Faith and not be sight), it is only then we can look within even in the midst of ranging storm.
    We will always have an assurance that Jesus with us, we are more than an overcomer💯

    God Bless you Dear for Being a Vessel.

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