Death is a biological fact!


Everyone will die but no one knows when one will die, by which death one will die or how one is going to die.


Death is a bitter truth.


It is no respecter of anybody. The old, young, rich, poor, young and die will bid the world farewell one day. The question then is that, when death finally comes, what is it going to meet us with? The actual fact is that nobody wants to die, everyone wants to live long but the truth is that everyone of us will leave this world some -day.


It is not about how far but how well we live our lives.


Death is as a result of the sin that our fore-fathers, Adam and Eve committed. God’s initial plan for His children was that everyone would live and that there will not be anything called Death. Death denied us of the long life that God has designed and planned for his children. But Jesus’ death has brought life into us. Because of Jesus’ death, we as God’s children have the hope of heaven.


Recently, I got a shocking news that a man of God who I know quite well died of headache. I was so shocked to my marrow. I tried to visualize that man who I knew to be nice and caring. I had never thought for once that he too was going to die like that. I was so much surprised. He was indeed a well -respected man of God. I was literally dazed. The man left his wife and three young children. Death is indeed a gruesome experience. It brings with it sorrow and sadness to those it left behind.


Another shocking news I got was about a very beautiful woman, it’s so disheartening that I was able to know her only after her death. She was so nice and friendly. She was so helpful to people. Her good works lived on even after her death. Anytime, I open my Instagram page, her pictures always filled everywhere.


This is to say that Death is inevitable. Immediately one dies, that means eternity has started for one. And it is either one goes to heaven or hell. The choice is ours to make today because tomorrow might be too late. The question that I would want us to ask ourselves is that whenever I leave this world, what would people say about me? Will people weep over me and forget about me after a few days or would people will be so challenged by our life-style?



Will people find purpose through our way of life even when we are gone?


Let’s look within us and make things right. Let us let go of attitudes, characters or behaviours that might deprive us from making it to heaven. The Bible admonishes us that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. It is only in Jesus that we can have a meaningful life. Jesus, our role-model lived for 39 years and he was able to live a purposeful life.


My dear brother and sisters, how are we living our lives? Death is a bitter experience. Nobody wants to die but when one finally dies, where would one find oneself. Heaven/hell. Lets think about these things.


Thanks for reading till the end.


I would like to see your views in the comment box.


Thank you.



12 Replies to “THE BITTER TRUTH”

  1. DEATH
    Inevitable truly dear..
    Every word you used in this article has stated it all. It has, really.
    What type of life exactly are we living?
    Do we live with eternity on our mind?
    Do we live to set a life-style for those we will leave behind?

    So thoughtful of you darling🥰
    Your write up is always pointing to God, I love it that you remind us of God, eternity and life itself from time to time.

    More of God’s wisdom dear🥰and I pray that as you do this you will not miss the reward therein🙇‍♀️

    You know I know you right?
    Stay blessed🙇‍♀️

  2. Wow, if I tell you how blessed I am reading this, hmmmm!
    May the Lord keep you, my gift from God! You are a treasure to me, my love. The Lord will preserve you unto Himself. I learnt quite a lot from this. Thanks a great deal. This is indeed the main bittet truth! God, have mercy!

  3. Deep musings indeed U U.
    I was blessed sis, May God help us to live an eternity conscious life in Jesus name. Amen.

  4. This is indeed a bitter truth, more Grace and inspiration to write sis!
    I really pray that after death it’ll be eternal Glory for us all. Amen

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